We discovered him a few weeks ago, with a serious house music, a little bit old-school tinkled. We finally wanted to know more about the german producer Simon Hinter.

Hi Simon. A pleasure to welcome you. How do you feel today ?Everyhings alright so far apart from all the other crazy stuff that’s going around right now

What were you doing just before answering us ?
I think I played some videogames.

Tell us more about you. How old are you, how is your city, what’s your life ?
There isn’t much to tell about my city. I’m born in the 80’s in a small town near cologne, pretty quiet with around 100.000 citizens.

How did you first start with music in your childhood ?
With the Michael Jackson – “Dangerous“ Tape. Especially the track with Easy Mo Bee.

So you first stared to scratch and enjoy hip-hop vibes ? Tell us more about that.
I’m producing a lot instrumental underground hip hop beats as well under the alias “Mr.Backside” and still releasing records and tapes.

What your hip-hop beats looked like at this time ?
I grew up in the 90’s and was totally influenced by the new school sound. Maybe you can hear it out of my  that in my productions.

What were your hip-hop big influences ?
Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Wu Tang, Dj Premier, Mos Def, Eazy E, Outkast, etc.

How and when did you turned to house music ?
There wasn’t a particular time and I’m still working in both genres but if you wanna have an exact time I would say around 2003.

Tell us more about your best friend’s label “Kratzer”. The identity, the releases, the way it lives in your city Siegen.
I think I should delete my old biography, it’s not up to date, haha ! In a short way explained I  worked several years in a record store but it at some point the store has to be closed because of the low sales. I was in my twenties and it was a good time for me for really digging into more music than hip-hop.

How is nightlife and house music scene in there ?
There are some parties here and there but it’s getting mostly a bit quiet here in things of a local house or techno scene. Sometimes I’m heading to Berlin, or Cologne for some parties.

Can you advise us some young house music talent from your city or from Germany ?
There are lots of young talented people out there but I can’t tall you a specific name right now. Most people I know from here are more addicted to rap music and other stuff.When you say you don’t give a fuck about rules. How did it influence your work everyday ? Just try to do love and and don’t listen to idiots in short words.

Tell us more about this bomb “Turned UP” EP ? About the label ?
It’s cool having such a great response and of course working with Freerange is really nice.

Is there any kind of collaboration that you would like to do some day ? Would love to work with Daft Punk or Madlib for example.

Do you have some close friends in the house music scene in Germany ?
There are a few nice people I know personally who are working in the industry and I’m really happy to know them.

What are your future plans ?
Just try making more music and beeing creative.

Any sounds you advice us to listen to ?
The last EP is still one of my favs. You should check out my first releases on PHIL records. They are really good and you can order still the repress versions.

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And listen to his beats as Mr Backside here.